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Sika is inspired by the rich and diverse culture of Ghana, West Africa.

Every fabric has been carefully selected in local Ghanaian markets and hand-made using natural methods, creating exclusive limited prints. Each unique piece defines an area in West Africa’s vast textile landscape, using traditional fabrics such as tie dye, batik’s and wax prints.

All garments are produced in Ghana by highly skilled tailors and seamstresses. The highest standards in garment production is an integral part of Sika’s mission. We work very closely with local traders and manufacturers to produce quality garments for the international market. By generating regular income for those involved, we are able to give back to the Ghanaian community and raise the standard of garment production.

While producing a stylish and wearable range, Sika creatively collaborates exeptional West African textiles with the trend and styles of London’s urban chic.

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You can now buy online. To do so view our online boutique.

Sika Designs